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Today I'm very excited! I just got my Eee PC. And, of course, I'm using it right now. So I decided to start another blog. My previous blogs were one-shot ones on particular, controversial topics. This blog will be different. It will be non-controversial. I will talk about technology, science, and what not. I will also blog in the proper sense of the term, that is, write useless things of interest to no one but myself and maybe one or two close friends.

So, how's the Eee you ask? It's small. You already knew it. Mine is a nice black. I had to order it from the US of A to get the keys as god intended them to be
: in a QWERTY layout. Ooops this blog was supposed to be non-offensive. Sorry you DVORAK fanboys. QWERTY rules and that's final. You know why? Because I was raised on a QWERTY. Been using one for twenty years now. But also, all the greatest programs in the world written by the greatest geniuses were typed on QWERTY programs. [Citation needed]

Anyway, so QWERTY it is. What about the rest? Well, the keyboard is quite small. And it's someone using a HHK talking. However its keys are great. I think I may get used to it after a while. I'll tell you if it is comfortable enough after some weeks of daily usage.

Speed. The Eee is perfectly fast. It certainly doesn't lag. And with no spinning, mechanical twentieth century hard drive to swap pages to, you may get out-of-memory errors, but you'll get them fast, and your machine will never be trashing like Windows fucking NT.

Weight. It is very, very lightweight. I am really pleased with this. My previous laptop was so heavy I could barely lift it with my feeble muscles.

I'll save you half an hour by telling you that you can open a terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T, and that to enable the SSH agent, you go to /etc/X11/Xsession.options. I haven't figured out how to log in using another user yet. (I'd like to do this without disrupting the original configuration too much. But I think I'll end up rewriting a simple X startup script by myself. I see too many unnecessarily spawned shells here...)

Silence. It indeed has a fan, which makes a slightly annoying buzz. But before ordering my Eee, I checked various blogs and sites, and (1) you can easily disable the fan and (2) the fan doesn't affect the system temperature much, be it on or off. I think I'll disable it pretty soon.

So all this is already too long for a frivolous blog post. I'll finish here.


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