Second day in heaven

Okay audience, I now have been using the Eee for half a day now and I'm still delighted. I was slightly annoyed by the noise emitted by the fan, so I proceeded to disconnect it, following instructions available on the "Internet" (a place where you can find lots of useful things). Noiseless computing is an absolute joy! It brings me back memories of the time when I was hacking on my ZX Spectrum 48K+ - no noise either. The screen was bigger, but the resolution - 256 x 292 if I recall correctly, was ridiculous. It had 48 kB of memory. 48 kB. Do you understand? In other words, its whole RAM could barely contain a 128 x 128 pixel color image. Or the first 6.25% of a 1024 x 768 display. Or the front page of a typical blog (HTML only). That's why the ZX didn't last, I guess. Anyway, the Eee's keyboard is way more pleasant than the ZX plus's keyboard as you can depress the keys just with your fingers. I am getting used to its layout and the small size of its keys.

Oh, I'm also trying to use Ethernet mose of the time as I am worried about the health effects of WiFi radiation. It's also faster and uses less power, creating less heat.

The Eee APT repository doesn't contain much. However the installed software is fine for most purposes. I don't know if I will be using this little gem of technology as a stand-alone development platform, or if I will be content SSHing into a server and working there. The problem is that I am living in a very small 35 square meter flat with my soulmate. If I turn on my main PC, the noise is overwhelming. I could SSH to a dedicated served I am renting, but that one is not very powerful, and I'd be struggling with network latency. Also, Gvim is more pleasant than Vim on a terminal - more colors, more mouse functionality.

However I don't know what the performance of this system would be for development. Should be decent, anyway. Maybe I'll upgrade the main memory, maybe not. However I'd like to at least have Mercurial or the SSH daemon, and those are not in the built-in repository.

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